BBC’s six-part series looking at rookie police officers in Milford Haven has come to an end, with the last episode of the series airing last night (Monday, May 16).

Sections of last night’s show focused on Sam, Stu and Gethin, all based at Milford Haven Police Station, assisting in a Saturday night altercation on Hamilton Terrace.

The altercation took place outside a pub, as the new officers attended the scene and assisted with injuries before investigating what happened.

Other parts of the episode focused on Caity in Aberystwyth, along with Phil and Emma who are both based at Llanelli Police Station.

Western Telegraph: Officers at the scene on Hamilton Terrace. Picture: BBCOfficers at the scene on Hamilton Terrace. Picture: BBC

As the last episode of the series, BBC showed the seven rookie cops as they all passed their tutorship and are now able to patrol streets alone.

Stu said: “Just helping somebody, that gives me the job satisfaction. That’s pretty much why I joined the force.”

Gethin added: “As long as I’m doing my best for them, and they’re having a good relationship with the police, then I’ve done my job.”

The six episodes of the series, which have all looked at Milford Haven’s new officers, can be seen now on BBC iPlayer.

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Western Telegraph: A police van leaving the scene. Picture: BBCA police van leaving the scene. Picture: BBC