A CARDIGAN motorist who claims his car engine was contaminated after he filled up at Tesco’s petrol station has vowed not to be ‘fobbed off’ as he seeks compensation from the supermarket giants.

Craig Thompson experienced engine problems after buying petrol on the morning Tesco’s Cardigan garage opened following eight weeks of refurbishment.

But he was so alarmed at the ‘juddering’ of his engine that he booked it into his local garage the next day.

And the irate motorist maintains that a subsequent inspection by the AA revealed the content of his tank was 30 per cent water.

“Tesco's petrol station re-opened at 6am on June 1 – my wedding anniversary as it happens – and I filled up at 6.25,” an angry Mr Thompson told the Tivy-Side.

“I made it into work okay, but the Lexus juddered quite badly on the way home.

“The next morning the juddering was so bad that I had to take my wife’s car into work – that’s when we called in the AA.”

But Mr Thompson is furious at Tesco’s insistence that compensation would only be considered if he could prove where he purchased the suspect petrol.

“There’s no way I’m letting this go,” he said.

“I have already taken this matter up with Trading Standards and am prepared to go to the BBC if necessary.

“This guy from Tesco said I’d have to prove where I bought the petrol.

“I don’t have receipts but I do have a potential witness – another motorist who was filling up just ahead of me – plus I’ll be on the garage’s CCTV, unless it hasn't been wiped, of course.

“I said to this guy: ‘You’re part of a company that probably boasts £8bn yearly profits and yet you’re ready to quibble over a garage bill of a couple of hundred quid?

“That’s just a 1p piece down the back of the sofa to Tesco.

Western Telegraph: Tesco petrol station in CardiganTesco petrol station in Cardigan

“As things stand I’m left expecting a £250-£350 garage bill for having my petrol tank removed and cleaned.

“And that’s a conservative figure that doesn’t take into account the fact there could be possible engine damage.

“On top of that my wife and I have had to pay £80 to upgrade our AA membership.

“The Tesco guy said that because I couldn’t provide evidence of where I bought the petrol they would not be taking the matter any further.

“Well, we’re going to see about that because I will not be fobbed off by Tesco – I am going to get this sorted.”

Earlier this week Tesco’s confirmed they had closed off a fuel storage tank at their petrol station following complaints by motorists.

Tesco have been asked to comment on Mr Thompson’s claims.