The Crown Prosecution Service has released shocking CCTV video footage of Eddie Rocks bouncer Sam Skinner assaulting customer Ryan Lewis, causing actual bodily harm.

Skinner pleaded not guilty to the offence however this week, following a two day trial at Swansea Crown Court, the jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict.

Despite being extremely intoxicated in the early hours of September 5, 2021, Mr Lewis was grabbed round the neck by Skinner and dragged backwards.

He was then spun around and released, causing him to hit the floor with what Prosecutor, Mr Thomas Scapens, described as ‘considerable force’.

The assault took place in the early hours of September 5, 2021.


The court was shown CCTV footage of Mr Lewis being escorted down the stairs leading from the nightclub to the street and then being attacked at the entrance door.

In his defence, Skinner claimed he was acting in self-defence after being verbally threatened by Mr Lewis.

“He believed he was heading towards a physical confrontation,” said barrister Jon Tarrant, for the defence.

“He was being told repeatedly by Mr Lewis that he was going to ‘F*** him up’. So what do you do? You do your job.”

But this was dismissed by the Crown.

“Moments earlier Mr Lewis was so drunk that he’d fallen over a table in the nightclub,” said Mr Scapens.

“He’d also been sick in the dance area and again in the toilet. Would this have effected that level of risk to the defendant? It wouldn't.”

The court were told that none of the bouncers who had been on duty that night nor the nightclub manager were prepared to give statements to the police concerning the attack.

“None of them wanted to assist the defendant which was either because it wasn’t appropriate, or simply because they thought the defendant was in full control so there was no need to,” said Mr Scapens.

“And they didn’t give statements because they didn’t want to engage in what had gone on.

“Mr Lewis was completely and utterly overpowered and rendered defenceless by Sam Skinner.

"He was tossed onto the floor with a complete lack of regard for his wellbeing”.

Following a short adjournment, the jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict. Sentencing has been adjourned until July 14.

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