A farmer who got thrown out of a Haverfordwest nightclub after attempting to assist his friend in a fight subsequently got arrested for drink-driving in his friend’s BMW.

“He tried to back up his friend, but he was the one who ended up getting chucked out of the nightclub,” said defence solicitor Mr David Griffiths.

Pleading guilty to the charge before Haverfordwest magistrates was Gwion Jenkins, 22, of Rhosfach, Efailwen.


The court heard how CCTV police operators watched the defendant driving along Quay Street, Haverfordwest in the early hours of May 21.

When officers stopped the vehicle they immediately smelt alcohol. 

A roadside breath test proved positive and further tests gave a lowest reading of 40 mcg. The legal limit is 35.

“Unfortunately this leaves him just on the prosecution limit,” continued Mr Griffiths.

“After being chucked out of the nightclub, he went back to his friend’s car.

"His friend always leaves the keys in the ignition so he got inside and slept for a time but when he woke up he realised that his friend had left Haverfordwest by taxi. This was when he decided to drive off.”

Mr Griffiths said that the defendant is employed on his family’s farm.

“The majority of the land is half a mile down the road so a disqualification is going to present considerable difficulties,” he said.

Jenkins was fined £184 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £34 surcharge. He was also disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Gwion Jenkins also agreed to carry out a drink-drive rehabilitation course which will reduce his disqualification by 25 per cent.