CARDIGAN ABC boxer Mikey O’Sullivan was left the forlorn victim of a blatant ‘home town decision’ in the finals of Ireland’s prestigious Monkstown Cup tournament on Sunday, according to his disappointed coach.

The 16-year-old from Fishguard had looked a good bet for the gold medal after reaching the Dublin final following some sterling displays of strength and aggression.

But pitted against Monkstown’s own Jerry Connors in the final, O’Sullivan was forced to settle for silver after judges ruled the local boy had triumphed on a split decision – a decision which Cardigan ABC head coach Guy Croft branded as ‘disgusting’.

“Jerry hardly took a forward step throughout the whole fight – just picking little safe shots as he ran,” he told the Tivy-Side.

“Mikey chased him around the ring for three rounds, getting in the occasional bomb which then usually ended up with Jerry hanging on.

“Basically, it was an untidy fight, but I was stunned to hear them announce Jerry the winner.

“Decisions such as this are just no good for the sport of amateur boxing.”