An award-winning young artist is exhibiting over 40 of his paintings in a solo show in Pembrokeshire this summer.

The new exhibition by Theo Crutchley-Mack, who divides his time betweeen studios in Wales and Cornwall, is entitled Retrospectiveand it officially opens at Tenby Museum and Art Gallery this evening, Saturday July 16.

The museum houses a large exhibition space, providing a perfect place to host a large selection of Theo’s paintings and drawings from his entire career as a working artist.

Theo’s work has changed massively in the last several years and this exhibition will display his development in carefully curated segments, leading visitors around the gallery from one style to the next.

Western Telegraph: Crackwell Street, Tenby, oil on panelCrackwell Street, Tenby, oil on panel

The segments of the show will include drawings, early works, printmaking, urban street scenes, nautical paintings, landscapes and finally abstracts.


Thanks to generous collectors, the museum has been able to display several paintings from private collections dating back to 2015.

There will be a large collection of new works made especially for the show.

Western Telegraph: Crinkly Old Barn, oils on woodCrinkly Old Barn, oils on wood

Theo said: “I am delighted to hold my annual solo show of over 40 paintings at Tenby Museum this year.

"The show contains a mixture of all my different approaches to painting from the last several years, including nautical scenes, nocturnal street scenes, landscape paintings (En Plein Air) and also some more recent abstract works.

"All of the works will be displayed together, demonstrating the close connection between each style and highlighting how it has changed over the years”.

The exhibition opens to the public on Wednesday 20 July and runs until  August 20.

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