LIMELIGHT School for Performing Arts held a special performance at Milford Haven’s Torch Theatre on Sunday, July 17.

The performance was titled You Will Be Found and was created to spread positivity and connection among the young artistic community.

It also celebrated contemporary musical theatre and was a culmination of two years of hard work online and in person, celebrating the achievements by the performers over the period.

Western Telegraph: Picture: Sam Bowen PhotographyPicture: Sam Bowen Photography

Performances came from Limelight’s Saturday Stage School and one-to-one singing students, Milford Haven School’s music department and Jen Biddle’s Children Theatre Company.

In total, more than 30 Pembrokeshire young performers took part, ending with a rendition of You Will Be Found from Dear Evan Hansen, with some of the Limelight performers handing out sunflowers to the audience members.

Western Telegraph: Picture: Sam Bowen PhotographyPicture: Sam Bowen Photography

Angharad Sanders, who runs Limelight School for Performing Arts, said: “All of our work throughout Limelight focuses on technique and performance skills, as well as positive support for all students by incorporating mindfulness and wellbeing through performing arts.

“Warmup exercises that are seen as game are actually uniquely created to focus on connection to breath and tension release, all techniques that are recommended in releasing anxiety and fighting depression, but also support the voice in performance.


“Our young people have been through a huge amount over the past few years and finding an outlet for creativity in a place that is safe and secure is at the heart of the Limelight ethos.

“And so it seemed natural and right for this performance to collaborate with other performing arts. As such, we approached Milford Haven School’s music department who so willingly agreed to perform and the Jen Biddle’s Children Theatre Company who were also on hand to perform three rousing songs on the night.

Western Telegraph: Picture: Sam Bowen PhotographyPicture: Sam Bowen Photography

“To add to that, we also wanted to do some good where we can and decided to do this show in support of the amazing local charity, Megan’s Starr Foundation, with whom we share so many ideals.”

Limelight School of Performing Arts thanks all the patrons who supported the event. Their thanks also go to Lucie O’Neill who directed and choreographed the show and to Gareth and Dylan Sanders Swales who accompanied the students and staff at the Torch Theatre.