Anyone who spots a Pembroke Dock or Pembroke police officer scrolling through their iPad whilst on duty, fear not.

They won’t be checking their likes on Facebook and neither will they perfecting the latest PC game.

They'll be keeping on top of htheir ever-increasing workloads via the recently introduced Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs), which enable officers to respond to emails and update the police systems whilst still being visible on the street.

Both Pembroke Dock and Pembroke police stations recently purchased the new secure MDT software system which is capable of storing and transmitting large amounts of data including sensitive information such as criminal records and confidential informants’ names.

Previously, officers had to use pen and paper to record this data which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

MDTs can now be used in all police vehicles and typically include a keyboard, a display screen and a printer.

Other features can include GPS navigation and mapping capabilities, voice recognition software and the ability to interface with law enforcement databases.

They can be as small as a smartphone or tablet and are critical for officers to have access to and track all criminal activity.

This will also help them to improve the way in which officers can communicate with each other and via dispatch centres.

The MDTs are also a means of keeping officers safe. Previously they would have to approach a vehicle without knowing who they were dealing with but now, with the tap of a finger, they will have all the latest information they need at their disposal.

“MDTs will certainly help Dyfed-Powys Police maximise efficiencies by transmitting critical information direct to our field officers and helping them address the situation they are dealing with quickly,” said Chief Inspector Andy Twigger, of Dyfed-Powys Police.

“This will certainly save significant time and resources and help officers focus on the job of protecting citizens.”