The new NHS Trust responsible for Pembrokeshire will be called the Hywel Dda Trust, it was announced today.

The Trust - named after the famous Welsh ruler - will be created by the merger of Pembrokeshire & Derwen, Ceredigion and Mid Wales and Carmarthenshire NHS Trusts.

The new Trust will be officially formed on April 1st 2008.

The next stage in the process is to appoint a Chair, Chief Executive and Non Executive Directors for the new Trust.

The recruitment process for the new Trust Chair has already begun and all Non Executive posts are being advertised for the first time this week.

Following this, recruitment will begin for the Chief Executive and remaining Executive Directors.

There is still no confirmation of where the new Trust will be based.

Hywel Dda - also known as Hywel The Good is remembered as one of the most successful native Welsh rulers prior to the Norman Conquest.

By 942 AD, he ruled over most of the country and claimed the title King of all Wales.

His great achievement was to create the country's first uniform legal system, in which the laws of Wales, often called the Laws of Hywel, were codified and set down in writing for the first time.

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