The craft and horticulture competitions always prove a big draw at the county show, with both exhibitors and spectators alike.

Back after a two-year break were the creatures made out of fruit and veg, a fabulous array of flowers and floral art, prize winning exhibits, many from a Haverfordwest garden, delicious jams, cakes and quiches and incredible craft creations from crochet to colourful art.

“We have had a wonderful show,” said chief steward Lesley Cocking. “Entries have been of the usual high standard.

“There haven’t been quite as many entries because of Covid and uncertainty about whether the show would take place.

“We are hoping that next year everyone will know that we are back and we will be up to our normal number of entries.

“We have had a lot of lovely entries.”

Talking about the horticulture entries Eleanor Rees-Morgan added:

“It’s been wonderful. The entries; the flowers, the fruit and veg have been high quality. Chutney and jam entries are up.

“The children’s section has been a delight

“It’s nice to come back and see everybody. Everybody has enjoyed seeing everybody else, chatting and smiling.

“Everybody has been wonderful.”

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