The big energy companies might be raking in billion-pound profits, but a local energy provider, which has also seen its income increase significantly in recent months is ploughing money back into the community.

Transition Bro Gwaun’s (TBG) community turbine is generating more than clean energy, as it puts its profits back into community projects.

The small community group based in Fishguard is currently funding seven exciting projects to take action on the climate and nature emergency.

It will be giving further grants for more projects next year and is holding a funding fair for interested parties.

TBG’s Community Climate Fund was launched last winter, using the revenue from Abergwaun Community Turbine to aid local groups and businesses set up climate action projects.


“We assist organisations to develop projects that demonstrate practical ways of moving towards a greener, safer future,” said TBG’s Chris Samra.

“We’re helping Fishguard Football club go green by funding the installation of solar panels on their clubhouse, and supporting a Bike Buddies scheme in St Dogmaels, a solar powered irrigation system for vegetable growing in Nevern, and two schools and two community groups with their biodiversity, growing and pollinator protection projects.

“It’s very rewarding to see the income from our locally funded wind turbine being used to develop projects which spread an awareness of what can and needs to be done at a local level.

“Like all energy producers, our income from the sale of electricity has increased significantly recently, but unlike the big energy companies amassing huge profits, our windfall is being used directly by local people to benefit their communities and the environment.”

TBG will hold a Climate Fund Fair on September 28 at Ysgol Bro Gwaun between 4pm and 7pm to launch the second round of funding.

Anyone interested in learning more and sharing ideas is welcome to come along.

“This will be a timely opportunity for community organisations and local businesses to seek advice, particularly if they are new to developing nature and climate action projects,” said Chris.

Grants can be small or big, up to a maximum of £10,000. Please contact or go to for further information.