A POLISH lorry driver who drank Heineken beer while crossing on the ferry from Ireland to Fishguard has led to a drink drive conviction.

Stakes were that much higher for Lukasz Brzeski who explained to the court – through an interpreter – he was the only breadwinner for his wife and three young children back in his homeland.

The case was that much more difficult because Brzeski had no address in the UK other than the cab of his lorry.

Magistrates retired for over twenty minutes to decide what to do with what would have been a routine drink drive case -  Brzeski was found to have 55 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath when he drove his heavy goods vehicle off the ferry at Fishguard on November 14 of this year - the legal limit is 35.

Brzeski, 31, made an emotional plea to the court saying, ‘I have done something very stupid and am in a very difficult position’.

This didn’t stop magistrates from sending a shocked Brzeski to prison for 28 days in order to give him time to pay his fine – he was fined £504 and made to pay a surcharge of £202 as well as receiving a 22-month driving ban.

Representative for the Crown, Ms Kelly Rivers explained how on the day in question Brzeski made the foolish decision to have a few cans of Heineken on the trip over from Northern Ireland to Fishguard.

Ferry staff informed police that an HGV driver had been drinking and was intending to drive off the ferry.

Police were waiting for Brzeski whose crime was aggravated by the fact he was driving a lorry and he was in a high-traffic area – namely a port.

With no home address, magistrates had no choice but to send Brzeski down.

However in a twist to the case the court discovered who Brzeski worked for – Nolan transport – found they had offices in the county and contacted them about the situation.

Nolan were willing to pay Brzeski’s fine in full immediately in unpaid wages which meant Brzeski was free to be released from prison.

His defence solicitor Mr David Williams told the Western Telegraph his client was taken to Swansea immediately after the case and would most probably have to spend a night there before being released.

Brzeski pleaded guilty to one charge of drink-driving at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on November 15, 2022.