A farmer who was disqualified for keeping animals after the appalling conditions he left them in has one last chance to appeal his conviction.

In January, Pembrokeshire County Council successfully banned Richard Scarfe, of Park Street, Pembroke Dock, from keeping animals at his farm in Lamphey after photos revealed livestock in wretched conditions including lying in wet muddy fields and stood in baron barns looking visibly underfed.

At the time of sentence at Haverfordwest Magistrates in January, District Judge Christopher James said he had never witnessed such suffering.

On sentencing Judge James said: “The level of suffering over an elongated period where you thought you were doing your best is simply not good enough. It is clear you do not have the means or experience to meet the minimum standards expected of animals in your care. I am surprised animals were left with you.”

Western Telegraph: Richard Scarfe was banned from keeping animals on his farm after the conditions they were left inRichard Scarfe was banned from keeping animals on his farm after the conditions they were left in (Image: Western Telegraph)

Today at Swansea Crown Court, Scarfe was given one final chance by His Honour Judge Paul Thomas to make meaningful engagement with the court so that his appeal can be properly heard.

So far Scarfe has sent hundreds of images taken on his farm, but prosecuting on behalf of Pembrokeshire County Council, Mr Christian Jowett said what the courts had before them was a bundle of papers with photos that gave no explanation of what they show.

Judge Thomas said Scarfe has one final chance to properly lodge his appeal and must attend court next Wednesday.

“This case is taking up a lot of precious court time and there has been no engagement,” commented Judge Thomas.

Scarfe’s appeal will next be mentioned at Swansea Crown Court on Wednesday, November 23, with his official appeal date set for December 9.