A Pembroke man has been remanded in custody after allegedly attempting to break into his former partner’s home with a kitchen bread knife.

The Crown Prosecution claims that last Saturday, November 26, Mark Abrahams went to his former partner’s home at Wogan Road despite being prevented from doing so by a five-year restraining order imposed by the Crown Court.

“Mark Abrahams attended the victim’s property, despite the fact that he should not have been there, and demanded a phone and a glass of wine,” Crown Prosecutor Ben Williams told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

“A disagreement broke out and there was a scramble which resulted in a backhand to the woman’s face causing a split lip.”

Mr Williams alleges that after the defendant left her property, the victim attempted to secure her home by winding a scarf around the door handle.

“But the defendant then produced a bread knife and tried to cut through the scarf to regain entry to the property,” said Mr Williams.

Mark Abraham denies possessing a pointed weapon in a public place, namely the kitchen bread knife, and also a charge of common assault on his former partner.

He pleaded not guilty to three additional charges of breaching the court restraining order by attending the victim’s home and of making contact with her.

Following Ben Williams’ request, magistrates declined jurisdiction and submitted the matter to Crown Court for trial. Proceedings will commence on January 3.

Mark Abrahams was remanded in custody.