It’s that time of the month when GoSafe confirms details of where its mobile speed cameras are likely to be positioned in the run-up to Christmas.

Their marked vans and motorcycles are spread throughout towns, villages and major roads and are used to track down speed offenders and other road traffic violations.

They are staffed by fully trained police staff or police officers, who monitor the speed of all vehicles that pass the vans.

Once they form the opinion that the vehicle is exceeding the speed limit, they use equipment to record it, often resulting in prosecution. A device called a Speedscope can be trained on vehicles up to 1,000 metres away, although most work is carried out far closer, The time, date, speed, distance, site coding and whether the vehicle is travelling towards or away from the checkpoint is recorded on the image to produce to the offending driver.

Pembrokeshire motorists are being given a headsup with the following locations selected for GoSafe throughout December 2022:

• A4139/The Green/Bush Hill

• C3001/Hubberston/Milford Haven

• A4076/Steynton Road/near school

• A4076/The Vine/Johnston

• A478/Pentlepoir/near school

• A477/Llanteg • B4313/ Rosebush

• B4331/St Davids Road/Letterston

• A487/Dinas Cross • A487/Newport

• A487/Eglwyswrw