If the Hairy Bikers rave over it, then the meat that’s being nurtured at Pembrokeshire's Moat Goats must be nothing short of delicious.

Dave and Si recently visited Meg and Damian McNamara at their smallholding in New Moat to select meat for the 'Hairy Bikers Go Local' series which aired on BBC2 last week.

“They chose some shoulder which they slow-cooked and pulled, but also prepared some stuffed loin and some delicious little bon-bons,” said Meg.

“And the dishes they created were absolutely delicious."

Western Telegraph: The goatmeat bon-bons made with Moat Goat meatThe goatmeat bon-bons made with Moat Goat meat (Image: BBC)

But given the fact that goat meat is possibly one of the most versatile and exciting meats to explore, the Hairy Bikers’ results are hardly surprising.

“The meat that goats produce really is very special,” continues Meg.

“So many people equate it to Middle Eastern food  but this simply isn't the case. It’s more of a Jamie Oliver weekend meat, particularly if it's cooked with good quality ingredients.”

Meg and Damian welcomed the first goats to their homestead back in 2015.

“We had three little pigs and some quail but I really wanted a goat to join them. Goats are better off in pairs so my Christmas present in 2015 was two little Boer goats who we named Olive and Myrtle.

“A few weeks later they were joined by Mimmie and then we realised that it was important to find a buck to complete the herd.”

And so Basil joined the team quickly followed by an entire herd from Norfolk and another from Dorset. As a result, the New Moat goatherd had by now expanded to 500.

In 2019, however, Meg and Damian decided to restructure.

“Our little boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy so this meant that we had to change what we were doing and readjust our lifestyles. As a result, our herd was reduced to 60.”

The Boer variety, described by Meg as ‘the Aberdeen Angus equivalent of goat’, is renowned for its excellent meat quality.


“The carcass is very similar to lamb.

“The meat we get from our herd varies between the kid meat, which is perfect for roast or steak dinners and chopped cutlets, while the goat meat, which comes from hte older goats, is perfect for stews and slow cooking. And it’s all very lean with a delicious, slightly nutty flavour.”

Moat Goats meat can be ordered directly from the farm via their Facebook page however it is advisable to place orders approximately one month in advance.