Doubling the price of season tickets at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park car parks “stinks purely of greed,” angry beach-users have said.

At the December meeting of the National Park Authority, a recommendation to double the price of season tickets was approved by members.

The previous prices were £25 for a single nominated car park and £70 for all 14 car parks; now increased to £50 and £140 respectively.

The Western Telegraph has been contacted by many readers angry at the increases.

John Stacey asked: “Is this an attempt to restrict Pembrokeshire residents from using our beaches?

“An increase in line with inflation would be reasonable. This charge increase will have an adverse effect on Pembrokeshire residents’ wellbeing as many will be unable to enjoy the benefits of our beaches, cold water swimming and the enjoyment of our wonderful outdoors.”

Cold-water swimmer – and Pembrokeshire Bluetits member - Helen Hawthorn said she was “deeply saddened” at the increases.

“As an all-year-round cold-water swimmer and member of the Pembrokeshire Bluetits, I use these car parks almost daily, and already feel it unfair that as a born-and-bred local, I have to pay to park during the summer in the same place that I park for free all winter, just so that the PCNP can cash in on the tourist season.”

She added: “I suffer from PTSD and have struggled badly with my mental health over the years. Cold water swimming has been a huge part of my recovery and is now essential to maintaining my well-being.

“At a time when we are experiencing a huge cost-of-living crisis, and I am already being forced to choose between buying fuel to get to work, buying gas to keep my house warm, or buying food to eat. Having to pay such a large amount for something that I rely on, is simply not affordable.”

She added: “These charges are simply not affordable, and as the hourly parking rates are unchanged, I can see no logic for the increase in price for seasonal tickets, other than pure greed.”

Broad Haven Blue Tits member Nik Berry was similarly shocked at the increase.

“Cold-water swimming has become a large part of our beaches and for me personally it is an aid to help with my depression. So has become a major part of my life.

“This increase has no regard at all for the locals of this county and stinks purely of greed at a time when people need help to cope not just financially but also mentally and emotionally.”

A Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority spokesperson said: “This is the first review of season ticket pricing in six years, with the season tickets representing a very competitive rate when compared to alternative parking options across the National Park.

"The money generated from car parking charging is used to support work across the National Park, allowing everyone to access and enjoy its special qualities.

“Outside of the charging period, we offer free parking on all Authority charging car parks for four months each year, from early November to mid-March. We also offer 30 minutes free parking (60 minutes for Blue Badge holders) across all of our charging car parks during the charging period.

“We are acutely aware of the impact of the increase in pricing and the current cost of living challenges facing local communities. We are working with key agencies across Pembrokeshire to provide a package of longer-term support measures aimed at households facing acute financial hardship.”


National Park charging car parks are listed below.

• Amroth

• Saundersfoot Regency

• Penally

• Manorbier

• Freshwater East

• West Angle Bay

• Little Haven

• Broad Haven (North)

• Nolton Haven

• Newgale (Pebbles)

• Solva

• Oriel y Parc, St Davids

• Newport Sands

• Poppit Sands



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