No confidential information was disclosed after a senior councillor was claimed to have made an online system that could track budget cut votes, Pembrokeshire council has said.

Opposition members in Pembrokeshire County Council raised concerns about an external site containing sensitive information, the BBC has reported.

It is said the link was distributed by councillor Alec Cormack, Cabinet Member for Corporate Finance.

The BBC said that councillors received an email containing an individual link to an external website - on a server that includes a number of websites - from Mr Cormack before a budget seminar last month.

The council needs to save £28m during the 2023-24 budget.

The linked site is said to include information about potential budget savings for the budget, and another page to vote on various options.

It is understood by the BBC that concerns about the security of the website were raised during the seminar at County Hall.

One member, Councillor Jacob Williams, told the BBC that, Mr Cormack - as site administrator - was theoretically able to record each member's interactions and save the data, which would he said would amount to a "gross breach of trust".

Another opposition councillor, who did not want to be named, told the BBC the website in question could have breached data protection laws.

A Pembrokeshire council spokesperson said: "Following a review of the matter raised by concerned councillors, our Data Protection team has concluded that no confidential or personal information was disclosed.”

Cllr Alec Cormack has been approached for a comment.


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