A campaign is gathering momentum to save and enhance a pub at the heart of the community that has been run by the same family for the last 160 years.

Y Cross is the only pub in the village of Hayscastle and the only one within a radius of three miles of the village.

For the last 160 years it has been run continuously by the Phillips family.

However, for the last two years the pub has been on the market and, with no buyers coming forward, the local community is determined to not only buy the pub but enhance its role at the centre of village life.

“Should the doors of the pub close it would be very damaging for the local community,” said project chairperson Geraint Evans, a fifth-generation local farmer.

“It would deprive residents of one of the last remaining local meeting places where people can congregate regularly and enjoy community gatherings.”


Last autumn a steering group was set up to look at the potential community purchase of the pub and the development of a hub facility in addition to the current provision.

A community hub would hopefully incorporate a mobile bank and post office once a week as well as a small shop selling essentials and a transport hub.

The project will need to raise around £500,000 to get it up and running; £250,000 from a share offer to be launched in the coming months, and £250,000 from available match funding.

A detailed project evaluation has been undertaken by a team of community volunteers and a business plan and share offer documents have been produced. These have been scrutinised by hospitality and catering experts as well as local accountants.

The project has had strong support from the local community with around 80 people attending all three public meetings held so far and locals keen to dedicate their time and skills to its success.

Over 130 community feedback questionnaires have been returned to the steering group, with overwhelmingly positive responses on how the pub and its buildings could develop in the future.

“Our plans are numerous and creative,” said Geraint.

“We look to provide employment for local people in catering and public house management. We look forward to working to provide a local shop facility with availability of foods produced locally and to be a transport hub for the community, with the potential of providing electric charging points and a rural bus information hub.

“We will also be looking at introducing a range of regular social activities to meet the needs of all groups within our bilingual community.”

Committee vice- chair Jeremy Bowen added: “We are committed to achieving our aim for the future of this community and in particular for the generations to come. We hope that in our grandchildren’s time Y Cross, Cas-lai is Yma o Hyd!”.


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