Despite protests that saw NFU buildings across Wales targeted by animal liberation activists, AM Paul Davies remains convinced that a badger cull is the right way to tackle bovine TB.

NFU offices in Haverfordwest and Carmarthen were among those targeted by graffiti saying no cull' 'cull farmers not badgers' and ALF - thought to be Animal Liberation Front.

Commenting on the graffiti, Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies said: "I appreciate that emotions run high when it comes to culling badgers but the animal rights lobby should also think about the knock-on effects that TB has on cattle across the county.

"In 1997 just 669 cattle were slaughtered in Wales because of TB, last year it was 7,905. We cannot allow this disease to spread unchecked.

"The decision to carry out a pilot cull was not taken lightly but is the only option left as the dairy industry is being brought to its knees by this terrible disease."