An urgent appeal for witnesses is something normally associated with the police, but last week it was from a flustered bride and groom.

The appeal meant two Pembrokeshire librarians had to be borrowed from their work to lend themselves out as witnesses to a wedding.

Pam Harry and Phil Davies, who work at Haverfordwest library, volunteered for duty on Friday after a couple appealed for help when their witnesses got stuck in motorway traffic.

Although they were only dressed in their work clothes and had never met the couple before, Pam and Phil rushed over the road to Haverfordwest Register Office.

"It was lovely, a really sweet occasion and we were happy to help out," said Pam, a young people's librarian.

"They were very happy and took a couple of photographs including one with us in.

"Phil looked a bit more suitably dressed than me and although I can't remember exactly what I had on, it was definitely not a wedding outfit."

The couple, who were in their thirties and from the north of England, called into the library at lunchtime on Friday when their designated witness from Leeds got held up in traffic on the M5.

The couple were in Pembrokeshire with their two young children for the ceremony and afterwards continued their holiday, although they are now believed to have returned home.

For library assistant Phil Davies, the wedding was a useful rehearsal as his own brother was due to get married the following day.

He said: "It was all rather unexpected, but good practice. They were very nice and got us both gifts afterwards."