Where can you find the cheapest petrol and diesel in Pembrokeshire? This week’s top ten has been released.

The weekly top ten is compiled by the Facebook group Pembrokeshire Petrol Price Watch, and comes via group member John Durham.

The list comes in a week when, according to the RAC, the average price of unleaded petrol is 146.83p a litre and a litre of diesel costs 161.45p on average.

The Pembrokeshire top ten is as follows:

Top Ten Petrol Standard Unleaded E10

No. 1 - 136.9p: Tesco Milford Haven.

No. 2 - 137.7p: Asda, Pembroke Dock.

No. 3 - 137.9p: Tesco, Pembroke Dock.

No. 4 - 139.9p: Tesco, Haverfordwest.

No. 5 - 140.7p: Gulf, North Road, Milford.

No. 6 - 141.9p: Morrisons, Haverfordwest.

No. 7 - 142.9p: Robeston Wathen; Crossways, Neyland; Green Garage, Pembroke.

No. 8 - 143.9p: Crymych; Pelcomb; Ocean Haze, St Davids; Letterston; Square and Compass.

No. 9 - 144.9p: Texaco, Withybush.

No. 10 - 145.9p: FiveWays, Tenby; Glandy Cross nr. Clunderwen; Eglwyswrw .

Top Ten Standard Diesel B7

No. 1 - 143.9p: Kiln Park, Tenby.

No. 2 - 149.9p: Begelly/Kilgetty.

No. 3 - 151.9p: Crymych.

No. 4 - 152.9p: Robeston Wathen; Eglwyswrw.

No. 5 - 153.7p: Gulf, North Road, Milford.

No. 6 - 153.9p: Tesco, Milford Haven.

No. 7 - 154.7p: Asda, Pembroke Dock.

No. 8 - 154.9p: Gernant Garage, Maenclochog; Tesco, Pembroke Dock.

No. 9 - 155.9p: Glandy Cross, near Clunderwen; FairWays, Tenby; Lamphey; Murco, Maenclochog.

No. 10 - 156.9p: Crossways, Neyland; Green Garage, Pembroke; Pentlepoir The Old Pump; Murco Pentlepoir Services.