A BOOK cataloguing the lives of people buried in a Pembrokeshire cemetery has been published.

Owen Vaughan’s book The Headstones and Memorials of the Garrison Cemetery at Pembroke Dock, was officially launched at The Pater Hall’s Warrior Room on April 15 with a small gathering of family and friends.

The book, which follows a similar book written by Owen called The Headstones and Memorials of Park Street Cemetery, not only catalogues the names and gravestones, but also focuses on the lives of the people recorded, which has been researched by Owen.

This has given an invaluable history of Pembroke Dock in the 19th century, as the town bears little resemblance to the way it was during the time period.

A number of the people in the cemetery were servicemen but also their wives, children and even siblings were also buried there. Some were local to Pembroke Dock and others buried there come from further down the Haven and from across the UK and Ireland.

The research in the book also shows the high infant mortality rate in the town, with a number of graves being those of young children.

Unfortunately, Owen was unable to witness the publication of the book, having died in 2015. Copies of the book can be bought for £10 from The Pater Hall Office (Monday-Friday, 10am to midday) or from the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre or Pembroke Town Museum.