A Pembrokeshire filling station which has nearly quadrupled its fuel storage capacity is astounding drivers with its new prices.

Eastgate Garage in Jesse Road, Narberth is advertising both unleaded and diesel for just 129.9 per litre - prices which owner Vijay Jaganathan has been told by his supplier, Texaco, are the cheapest in the United Kingdom.

The bargain prices on the pumps were first advertised yesterday, Thursday May 11, and Mr Jaganathan said that these will remain 'for the next weeks'.

He has owned the Narberth site since 2018 and was previously supplied by Murco.

"However, we had very small storage tanks so we were not able to buy fuel in sufficient bulk to meet other garage's prices," he told the Western Telegraph.

"As we are the only fuel station in Narberth town, we wanted to expand and so we approached Texaco. 

"We now have enlarged fuel tank capacity - 38,000 litres for diesel when previously we only had storage for 8,000 litres, and 8,000 litres for unleaded, up from 4,000 litres."

Western Telegraph: The first delivery of Texaco fuel arrives at the filling station.The first delivery of Texaco fuel arrives at the filling station. (Image: Eastgate Garage)

He added: "We had our first delivery yesterday and the queues have been really long, but luckily we serve our customers very quickly.

"People have been coming from as far afield as Milford Haven and Carmarthen."

Mr Jaganathan, who also owns filling stations in Llanelli and Carmarthen, said that the work on the Narberth site had cost 'a lot of money' and had included improving the access in both the filling station area and its Londis shop.

He added: "These prices are an opening offer, but they will definitely continue with our aim of being the cheapest around.

"We are currently the cheapest in the UK - this has been confirmed to me by Texaco."

Western Telegraph: Drivers have been making a bee-line for the garage to take advantage of the bargain prices. oDrivers have been making a bee-line for the garage to take advantage of the bargain prices. o (Image: Eastgate Garage)

Fuel-cost watchers expressed a mixture of excitement and disbelief when the prices were posted on social media.

"Is this for real?" asked one. "They'll be empty by tomorrow," forecast another.

"Let's see how long they can keep it going!" said another.

The garage earned plenty of praise for its price-drop.

"Fantastic prices, well done - all garages should be the same price," commented one motorist. And a further comment said: "Another reason to visit Narberth."

The current average UK prices for fuel, according to motoirng organisation the RAC, are 145.24 for unleaded and 155.51 for diesel.

Many prices in Pembrokeshire have been consistently below this, with Tenby's Kiln Park Service Station this week offering a seven-day fix of their prices of 133.9 for unleaded and 136.9 for diesel.