A beachfront café, well known for its bumper breakfasts and lush lunches, has announced that it will be closing its kitchen due to the rising cost of food and energy.

The Dennis Café at Castle Sands, Tenby, says that this weekend will be the last time it has its kitchen open due to the cost-of-living crisis.

It will continue to sell coffee, tea, homemade cakes and ice creams, along with its sister venue, the nearby Didi Dens, but says that the cost of food and energy has forced closure of the kitchen.

Last week the café said that it would decrease its kitchen opening times after it had received its energy bill for the coming year.

Initially the kitchen would have been open from 9am to 12.30pm for its famous sea view breakfasts and brunches.

The lunch offering from 12.30-4pm was going to be cold baguettes and sandwiches served with fries.

However, the owners realised that even this would not be enough to keep them afloat.

“This has not been a decision that we have come to lightly and has led to a lot of sleepless nights for us,” they said in a statement on Friday afternoon.

“Due to the rising energy costs, food costs and general running of a business we have decided that this weekend will be the last weekend that our kitchen will be open.

“In order for us to remain open as a business and not to close down completely this is the best way for us to do so moving forward.”

The café and its sister venue Didi Dens, which is just over the road, will still be available for private functions and will still be offering catering as an option for these. Pop up theme nights ae also planned to take throughout the summer.

“We hope you all understand this decision as this business means more to us than anyone will ever know and we’d hate to lose it,” the owners said to their customers.

The kitchen will be open today, Sunday, from 9am until 5pm.

“Come and grab your last Den’s breakfast,” they said.