Happy Pembrokeshire Day!

June 1 is the day on which Pembrokeshire celebrates its historical and geographical wealth, thanks to the Association of British Counties.

The non-party political society was formed in 1989 by none other than tv astrologer Russel Grant to promote the 92 historic counties of the United Kingdom.

It argues that the historic counties are an important part of Britain's cultural heritage and as such, should be preserved and promoted.

It also proposes that there should be a clear official distinction between the historic counties and the administrative units which are also known as counties which were first described as a separate entity in the Local Government Act 1888.

“Today has been Pembrokeshire’s (Sir Benfro) county day for many years but details regarding its significance have proven elusive,” said a spokesperson for the Campaign for Historic Counties.

“Sadly, there is little evidence that the date is greatly commemorated locally.”

The ABC seeks to promote a clear distinction between the current administrative units, or ‘county’ councils, and the historic counties which have been in existence for much longer.

It also wants to bring about an official change in government terminology to bring it in line with its interpretation of the Local Government Act 1888, which is the original piece of legislation which created the county councils in England and Wales, though there have since been several further changes.

The Act specifically called the areas it created ‘administrative counties’, and the ABC wishes to see this terminology consistently used to describe them. It wishes to see the term ‘county’ stripped from the unitary authorities that use it, a measure which it claims will remove what it sees as confusion.

What are your views on the Association of British Counties’ thinking? Do you think we should continue celebrating Pembrokeshire Day on June 1?