AN 80-YEAR-OLD woman who had been cut off by the tide while out walking was brought to safety by Tenby’s lifeboat crew.

Tenby RNLI received a call just after 1pm on Monday that a woman had been cut off by while walking along the coast.

HM Coast Guard Tenby also attended, and the woman was brought back to safety by the lifeboat.

A spokesperson for Tenby Lifeboat RNLI said: “Tenby's inshore lifeboat was launched at 1.15pm on Monday, June 19, following a report that an 80-year-old lady had become cut off by the tide whilst walking between Monkstone and Tenby.

“The volunteer crew were soon on scene and after checking the lady needed no medical attention, brought her back to Castle beach, Tenby.

“Also tasked to the incident were members of HM Coast Guard Tenby.”

It’s been a busy few days for the volunteers at Tenby RNLI, with two call outs on Saturday evening before escorting the 'Waverley' paddle steamer.

A crew were out on exercise at 5.30pm on Saturday when they were diverted to Freshwater East after a report of four boys cut off by the incoming tide.

The lifeboat quickly made the eight-mile journey and the crew spotted the boys about ten feet up the cliff near the beach.

The boys were each picked up and assessed, before being brought back to shore.

The inshore lifeboat was also diverted from the exercise after a report that two people were cut off by the tide at Amroth.

The lifeboat attended, but upon speaking to the men, they confirmed that they were locals and had allowed themselves to get cut off so they could fish.

“We got back to Tenby just in time to escort the paddle steamer Waverley out of Tenby after its first visit in 30 years,” said a Tenby RNLI spokesman. ”Great sight, and we hope to see it back next year."