A taste of the east has come to the west Wales accommodation scene with the dramatic transformation of rooms in a Pembrokeshire hotel.

Lok and Jen Cheung have drawn on their heritage to bring the flavour of south-east Asia to their acclaimed restaurant, Lokky’s.

Now a spring roll’s throw from Lokky’s in The Imperial Dragon Hotel are a trio of bedrooms that exude the charm of China, Japan and Thailand.

Western Telegraph: A four-poster bed graces the China room.A four-poster bed graces the China room. (Image: A four-poster bed graces the China room.)

With the completion of the rooms, the time was right for the launch of the hotel which was recently heralded with a lavish south-east Asian buffet and a dragon dance.

Lok and Jen’s family business is the long-established Dragon Palace restaurant in Pentlepoir, just a short distance away from The Imperial Dragon at Wooden.

Western Telegraph: Every celebration has tohave cake - and why not a hand-carved dragon as well?Every celebration has tohave cake - and why not a hand-carved dragon as well? (Image: The Imperial Dragon Hotel)

Just before Covid they took a leap of faith and bought the 16-bedroom hotel, then the Woodridge Inn, setting about a gradual transformation.

“We really are amazed and delighted with how it’s turned out,” said Lok, 38. “At the launch, people were able to view the new rooms and the feedback was really, really good.

Western Telegraph: Elephants feature in the decor of the Thailand room.Elephants feature in the decor of the Thailand room. (Image: Owen Howells)

“Something we are very passionate about is our heritage, and we hope that, through the hotel, we can bring a little bit of that south-eastern culture to people who might find it too expensive to go abroad.”

Jen, 33, worked on her vision for the new rooms with input from staff member Argan Arjay, who is studying interior design, and local craftsman Neil Machin of Begelly, who built furniture including the stunning four-poster bed in the China room.

She said proudly: “What we are trying to achieve is a boutique hotel with a south-east Asian theme, and I think I don’t think you would find anywhere else quite like this in this country.”

Western Telegraph: The Japan room offers a calming environment.The Japan room offers a calming environment. (Image: Owen Howells)

The couple have four children – Skye, 6; Bobbi, 4, Luna, 2 and one-year-old Aeliana – and it was a proud moment when Bobbi took part in the dragon dance which heralded the launch.

Tenby’s mayor, Cllr Dai Morgan, cut the ribbon to declare the new rooms open and guests were treated to a feast showcasing treats from the kitchen of Lokky’s, which won Best Restaurant in Wales at the Golden Chopstricks Awards 2022.

A dragon carved from butternut squash by head chef Guilly was the centrepiece, with sushi chef Dan creating 32-piece sushi platters and pastry chef Ron delighting with sweet treats.

Western Telegraph: Huge platters of sushi were served up.Huge platters of sushi were served up. (Image: The Imperial Dragon Hotel)

Guests were also able to take a look around the hotel grounds which have been given a south-east Asian makeover by the hotel’s garden landscaper and designer Kelvin.

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