A LIFEBOAT was called on Saturday afternoon following reports that a diver was unresponsive.

Angle’s all-weather lifeboat was launched after a mayday call from a local dive boat at 2.19pm.

The report said that one of their divers had surfaced and was unresponsive, and was receiving CPR.

The lifeboat attended to the boat’s position, near the Dakotian Buoy. Also responding to the mayday call were multiple dive vessels, HMS Magpie, the Water Ranger and a Port Authority pilot vessel.

Two casualty care trained crew members from the lifeboat boarded the dive boat, and assessed the diver. They were now stable and breathing on oxygen, the lifeboat crew reported.

An Angle RNLI spokesperson said: “Our crew members assessed the casualty and, happy that she was now stable, the dive boat was requested to make best speed to the Port Authority jetty where paramedics, police officers and the Dale Coastguard Rescue team were waiting to assist.

“The dive boat arrived alongside the jetty soon after, escorted by the lifeboat and Water Ranger.

“Once alongside, the casualty was placed onto a stretcher and evacuated ashore into the care of the paramedics.

“With all crew and kit recovered, the lifeboat was stood down to return to station where she was refuelled and readied for service once again at 3.40pm.”