A letter from Sally A Williams, Dinas Cross

Dear Sir/Madam

With regard to Dave Haskell’s excellent letter about wind generation (June 28th), may I say how much I agree with him?

I remember the last time I drove up to North Wales. One would be driving through beautiful scenery, turn a corner and there would be a hideous monstrosity.

May I point out the dangers of these concrete carbuncles? The fact that blades come off. The fact that they devalue local properties. The fact that they cause interference with television reception. The fact that they ruin the beauty of the countryside.

And may I also point out that there are times, during winter, when it is bitterly cold, but there is no wind and no sun. So we need conventional sources of heat, viable sources of heat, not this eco nonsense.

Yours faithfully Sally A Williams (Mrs) Dinas Cross, Pembrokeshire