A MAN with a history of violence was told he will not get any more chances after attacking his ex-partner in her own home - just months after a similar attack.

Darryan Edwards had been in a relationship with the complainant for three years, and they had a young child together, Swansea Crown Court heard,

They had broken up, but on March 2, Edwards turned up at her home in Milford Haven “intoxicated and upset”, David Singh said, prosecuting.

Mr Singh said Edwards had been to a family member’s funeral that day, and had drunk “about 20 pints”.

He was told he could sleep in the spare room, but during the night he got up and went to the complainant’s bed.

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She told him multiple times to get out back to the spare room, but he became “aggressive and violent”.

Edwards slapped his former partner in the face with the back of his hand, and then began strangling her with both hands.

She was able to push him off of her because he was so drunk. Edwards then got her in a headlock, but again she was able to get free.

The complainant took her daughter and left with the defendant shouting abuse at her, and she called a friend about what had happened.

The police were called and Edwards was arrested.

“He said he didn’t remember assaulting his ex-partner and said it wasn’t something he would do,” Mr Singh said.

However, the court heard that Edwards, 29, of Jury Lane in Haverfordwest, had previously attacked this same complainant last year after accusing her of cheating.

On that occasion, he woke her up shouting about who she had been messaging, slapped her thigh and hit her in the head. As she escaped, Edwards shouted abuse and threw a baby gate at her.

He was made the subject of a two-year community order for that offence in November 2022.

Following his police interview for the March 2 offences, Edwards was released on bail and ordered not to contact the complainant.

On April 9, the complainant and her cousin had gone on a night out. That evening, Edwards was messaging the complainant’s cousin asking if they were out, to which she replied no.

He also called the complainant 46 times, and a further eight times the next morning.

In the morning, Edwards showed up at her address, and was shouting “Why did you lie to me” about their whereabouts the night before.

He continued to shout abuse through the door, and then punched the door, causing the doorbell to fall off, Mr Singh said.

Edwards then punched the wing mirror on the complainant’s car.

The court heard Edwards has four previous convictions for six offences – including one for battery and one of criminal damage.

Hannah George, in mitigation, said Edwards “recognises he has an issue with alcohol” and had been seeking help from Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service on a voluntary basis.

Ms George said Edwards and his ex-partner had reconciled after the previous attack, but “things started to go a little off the rails in February” after Edwards’ family bereavement.

She added that this was “no excuse” for his offending, and that the defendant “is quite frightened of what he is capable of when under the influence of alcohol”.

Judge Geraint Walters described the attack as “an ugly piece of offending”, and warned “there will not be any further chances”.

Edwards, who had pleaded guilty to all charges, was sentenced to 12 months, suspended for two years.

This included eight months for intentional strangulation, two months – concurrent – each for the assault by beating and harassment, two months – consecutive – for the criminal damage, and two months – consecutive – for breaching the previous community order.

He must also complete 200 hours of unpaid work, 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days, the Building Better Relationships programme, and must pay £110 compensation for the damaged wing mirror.

The complainant was also granted a five-year restraining order.