The work of more than 20 outstanding Pembrokeshire artists will be exhibited in the stunning setting of St Davids Cathedral this month.

“We have got over 20 incredible artists to exhibit in this ancient and historic shrine,” said painter Sally Green who has helped organise the Art on the Faith Trail summer exhibition.

“It is a magnificent space of harmonic geometric designs of interlocking circular and angular components, a wonderful space to put an exhibition in.”

Sally works and studies in Haverfordwest and has curated the exhibition together with Pembrokeshire -based artist Austen Pinkerton.

"Faith is a theme that has given many of us artists an opportunity to look at the sublime and divine and what leads us to pilgrimage in the personal and physical,” she said.

“Most artists have such a strong connection to the unseen, spirituality and natural phenomena, it makes St David's Cathedral a beautiful symbolic space to showcase our art.”

Sally, who grew up in Llawhaden said that as a child she was fascinated by Llawhaden castle and the idea that there were secret underground tunnels that lead to St Davids Cathedral.

“Growing up around such a lush landscape my work is heavily influenced by nature and all the eccentricities of life and its characteristics,” she said. “My aim is about healing and finding your voice through visual arts."

Austen Pinkerton studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London, and has spent over thirty years working for a variety of Interior Design and Architecture companies part time, while Painting, Drawing, and making Sculptures.

He works in a variety of mediums, including Acrylic on Canvas, Crayon, Pastel, Pencil, Ink, and Watercolour. and also makes sculptures in Ceramic and Stone.

He has exhibited his work widely in the UK and abroad. ran his own gallery in South London "A lot of my work is autobiographical, either directly or indirectly.

It is frequently very personal and expresses events or circumstances or experiences in my life,” he said.

Art on the Faith Trail’s summer exhibition will open on Saturday July 15, running until August 24. The exhibition will support the cathedral, with 40 percent of all sales going to the building.