Dear Editor,

I agree entirely with your correspondents, Sally Williams and Dave Haskell, who list a plethora of wind turbine failings.

Just look at the 2022 wind energy graph on, a National Grid web-site ! UK wind energy on both land and sea only averaged 7033MW and was a miniscule 144MW at minimum!

The UK needs 35000MW in summer and up to 52000MW in winter.

Since the 2022 wind energy graph resembles stalagmites, it clearly follows that wind energy MUST be backed up 24/7 by fossil fuel power stations. The graph proves that!

Now, the official Welsh Government web-site states that Wales uses 14 TWhours of electricity in a year. So simply multiply by a million to obtain it in megawatthours, then divide by 365 days and 24 hours to find the average number of MW used in Wales at any one time. It is 1598 MW [very basic school-boy arithmetic!] Well, you have the state-of-the-art Pembroke CCGT gas-fired power station in South Pembs, producing 2200MW in the ......FURTHEST POINT WEST IN WALES!!

That's far more than Wales uses!

Therefore, it must follow that EVERY wind turbine in Wales.....ALL east of Pembroke.....must be supplying ENGLAND!!

Otherwise, what exactly is Pembroke CCGT supplying, please?

So if Wales is to become carbon-free.....will Welsh Govt close this fantastic power station......only opened in 2011?

Also ask her if she is going to close the LNG plant in Milford Haven.

May I suggest that the people of Pembrokeshire ALL write to Welsh Climate Change Minister, Julie James, and ask her what she is planning for Pembrokeshire?

Pembrokeshire should be seeking URGENT answers from Julie James !

Yours faithfully, L. J. Jenkins, Clynyrynys, Gwbert, Cardigan.