Dear Editor

It would appear Government lacks the sense and will to recognise the significant difference between small and large scale industrial wind generated electricity, which will prove apocalyptic should the country become dependent on such industrial generation – every child realises that the wind does not always blow.

Maybe the Cabinet would profit from such young minds!

If the UK should ever foolishly become reliant on wind generation, then a period of no wind will prove an utter disaster as electricity is the life blood of our 21st century technological dependent society.

With a complete lack of grid energy our society will collapse – this is not scaremongering but fact, as banks, petrol stations, supermarkets, internet etc, will all cease to function as they all require electricity.

So it is not surprising that countries are now turning their backs on industrial scale wind technology due to the proven ineffectiveness.

The whole insane situation is exacerbated with Government pursuing Net Zero and the drive for EVs and heat pumps.

You do not have to be a whizz-kid to realise that in the middle of winter on a cold and windless night, it will be pointless switching on a heat pump for warmth, and that ‘wonderful’ EV will be completely useless once the battery has drained.

Unless people lobby their political representatives and Government quickly addresses these issues, then sadly we are truly on the road to ruin.

The current scenario reminds me of the Biblical story of Noah and his Ark - nobody was listening until it was too late!

Dave Haskell, Brithdir, Cardigan