Dear Editor,

Thank you for that lovely photo of a group of puffins, presumably taken on Skomer Island. Wouldn't it be wonderful if about 100 puffins could be relocated to Cardigan Island, 300 metres offshore at Gwbert, three miles from Cardigan.

There used to be puffins on the 38 acre, grassy Cardigan Island 70 years ago, but they were eradicated by rats. The Ministry got rid of the rats in the sixties.

Imagine if puffins were to breed there now!? They would then fly to nearby places such as Poppit Sands, Newport, Aberporth and Mwnt and be a great tourist attraction, which would boost the economies of Norths Pembs and South Ceredigion.

It also seems to me that Skomer is getting mightily over-populated with puffins.

By moving some to another island not far away, it would help ensure their survival if disease struck. How can over-crowding be healthy?

Surely, it is not beyond the wit of man to relocate a hundred or so puffins out of a population of tens of thousands? These iconic, colourful birds are a great favourite with the public... as their photographs always prove!

Yours faithfully,

L.J Jenkins,

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park,