Dear Editor,

Light at the end of the tunnel

It was fantastic news that Bute Enery have decided not to install gargantuan weather dependent and proven ineffective 250m tall wind generators in north Wales. I feel it would be churlish not to thank and indeed praise Bute Enery for eventually upholding democracy by supporting the wishes of the people of north Wales, and thus denying the wishes of the colloborative Labour Welsh Parliament.

Hopefully Coriolis and other wind companies will take note and will now follow the honourable and excellent example set by Bute Energy. To be sure, the great majority of the people in Wales sensibly do NOT want these countryside desecrating Wellsian machines – who in their right mind would want them?

But what can one say about the cloth-eared and dictatorial Labour Welsh Parliament that would plaster Wales in unneccessary carbuncles against the wishes of the people. Why are Mark Drakeford and his gang ignoring the very people they are supposed to represent and ruining our beautiful countryside – it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever especially when we export power out of Wales. If the Labour Welsh Parliament wish to turn the country, metaphorically, into one gigantuan wind farm that exports large amounts of electricity, then there are more viable and better means to do so – but that is another letter - perhaps are so-called representatives need to get out a bit more!

Dave Haskell,