Dear Editor,
What is Ogi about?

Some time ago I received a letter out of the blue introducing Ogi, which I had never heard of, enclosing a document to give them authority to cross my land with their fibre broadband developments, with instructions to please sign and return this promptly within 10 days.

There was no detail on what their plans were about and I was particularly alarmed at being presented with a legal document with no explanation of its implications, especially with its demand to sign and return so soon. Should I seek legal advice, or was this some kind of scam or con? I tried making enquiries but nobody seemed able to give a satisfactory explanation until a man called and gave me a bit of an idea, sufficient for me to sign the document.

Later I received a letter giving dates when they would be installing full fibre broadband in my street and in due course the work team arrived. They marked out the whole length of the street with their yellow graffiti showing where existing cables and pipes lay underground, and marking where they intended to make access to each property.

They dug trenches across the road, blocking it for a time, and along part of the pavement, then after several days they filled them all in and disappeared. No explanations. Over a 3 week period I emailed their 'customer care team' 3 times to ask what was happening with no reply until a man called to say they had decided not to proceed because the road was too narrow – it was no narrower than it had been when they planned it! So all a waste of time and money as nobody appears to have been served.

He then said that if I wanted to sign up to Ogi it would not be a problem because they could use the existing BT copper cable anyhow!

So what is Ogi really all about? They appear to be randomly digging up very small parts of various roads in a seemingly random pattern, causing chaos and mess wherever. Their so called 'customer care' service in my experience has been almost totally non existant.

Is this just a publicity stunt to force Ogi under (and maybe up) people's noses? I do not understand how such a random patchwork approach in a remote corner of Wales can be a serious attempt at their proclaimed building of a 'multimillion pound infrastructure network'.

Has anybody who has had to endure the upheaval of their digging outside their home actually received an Ogi service?

Tony Miles,