THE latest crime statistics for the Dyfed-Powys Police force in the last year have been revealed – with cases increasing.

Office for National Statistics data shows the levels of crime committed in the force area – which covers Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire – for the year ending March 2023.

There were 44,843 crimes recorded by police during that period. This figure excludes fraud cases. This is an increase of more than 2,000 on the figures for the year ending March 2022, where 42,324 crimes were reported.

Crimes involving violence against the person were up compared to last year, with 21,905 compared to 21,210.

Cases of violence without injury increased – from 6,910 in the year ending March 2022, to 7,717 in the year ending March 2023.

Reports of sexual offences rose in the force area in the year ending March 2023, with 1,736 compared to 1,667 in the year ending March 2022 and robbery offences were also up from 59 to 86.

Theft offences were also on the increase, from 6,176 in the year ending March 2022, to 6,807. There was a slight increase in burglary offences with 1,283 compared to 1,278.

Bicycle theft increased in the year ending March 2023, from 142 to 171 and shoplifting incidents increased from 1,454 to 1,814.

There were 2,803 ‘other theft’ offences, an increase on the March 2022 figure of 2,551.

Drug offences saw a significant increase from 1,602 to 2,273. There were also more weapon offences with 322 compared to 215 and an increase in public order offences from 5,934 to 6,238.

There was also an increase in ‘miscellaneous’ crimes from 861 to 914.

There was a decrease in homicide cases – down from seven in the year ending March 2022, to five in the year ending March 2023. Violence with injury cases also decreased from 4,020 to 3,970.

Stalking and harassment reports saw a slight decrease with 10,208 compared to 10,265 in the year ending March 2022.

Unlawful death or serious injury reports decreased from eight to five and there was a slight decrease in vehicle crimes from 626 to 622. There were 114 thefts from the person compared to the March 2022 figures of 125.

Criminal damage and arson offences saw a decrease from the March 2022 figure of 4,600 to the March 2023 figure of 4,562.

Nick Stripe, from the ONS Centre for Crime and Justice, said: "Some crime types are returning to their pre-pandemic levels, while others may have been affected by changes in people’s behaviour during the pandemic and the subsequent lifting of social restrictions."

"For crimes which are well reported and recorded by the police, we can gain additional insight from police data. Knife crime, robbery and firearms offences are all down on March 2020 levels, but have seen increases in the past year.

"Overall crime continues to be well below levels seen before the pandemic. This is in large part due to sharp falls in theft and criminal damage."