Haverfordwest County FC travelled to Faroe Islands for a Europa League second round clash with B36 Torshavn.

There was an early chance for B36 in the first minute but it was turned behind by Ricky Watts. The first corner that followed led to a bit of confusion in the box but keeper Zac Jones did well to recover and was able to keep them level. 

Haverfordwest then had a chance from a distance which was deflected but straight to the keeper. The first five minutes was end to end but aside from the first two minutes, the keepers aren’t troubled and this is much of the case for most of the first half.

The first free kick for Haverfordwest is taken short before the ball is booted into the box and Lee Jenkins heads the ball just over the posts, but made a foul in the process.

The first free kick for B36 was easy to collect for Jones. 

Around 9 minutes, B36 had another shot blasted across the front of the goal, but in the 10 minutes following Haverfordwest’s opening chance, it’s all B36, who go one ahead after 10 minutes with some nice passing cumulating in a simple shot from around 10 yards out.

Haverfordwest’s second chance at goal was blocked on 18 minutes after a nice run by Kyle Whitmore.

A second corner for B36 led to another close call but Lee Jenkins pops up to head it clear.

Yellow card for B36 (16) player for a challenge on whitmore and play was stopped for treatment before nothing much was done with the resulting free kick.

After more B36 pressure, Haverfordwest are given another free kick for a foul.

The free kick on the half hour mark leads to a long hopeful shot that was easily collected by the B36 keeper.

There were calls for a B36 penalty around the 32minute with players calling for handball but it was waved off by the referee. 

A few free kicks go Haverfordwest’s way in the last 10 minutes of the first half but there isn’t much done with them until the 38th minute when B36’s goalkeeper was called in to make a save.

Haverfordwest end the first half with a yellow card which leads to a free kick just outside the box which is curled just wide.

Despite a poor first half in attack, Haverfordwest have a positive in their defence as despite the almost constant pressure from B36, there has been very few times when the Haverfordwest keeper has needed to make a save and the score is only 1-0. There have been early positive performances from Lee Jenkins, both in the early attack and in defence and Zach Jones looks comfortable as the last man in defence but Haverfordwest just haven’t had enough time on the ball.

Jack Wilson replaces Jazz Richards at half time and both teams start the second half strongly - B36 in attack and Haverfordwest in defence. 

There was another close call for Haverfordwest as a B36 shot from close range hits the bar before play is stopped for a head injury to Haverfordwest’s Tyrese Owen.

Haverfordwest have some good moments stringing passes together in the first 15 minutes, with the best chance of the period coming from Tyrese Owen who pulls it wide before B36 get their second as Johannsen slips the ball into the back of the net on the hour mark. It was almost 3-0 just two minutes later but the ball was intercepted in the box and Haverfordwest make a break before winning a throw in around the halfway line. 

There was a promising moment for Haverfordwest with a good shot on 65 minutes. Throughout the start of the second half, Kai Whitmore is everywhere and putting in a good display. 

With around 20 minutes to go, the game opens up with both sides having good time on the ball, but not a lot of possession near either goal.

On 79 minutes, Martell Taylor-Crossdale gets one back for Haverfordwest, which silences the stadium. His first goal for the club comes from a nice move set that sees him poke it home across the goal. 

There was another yellow card for a B36 player who was seeking a penalty and in the 90th minute there was some concern as B36 took advantage of a well-placed free kick but good defending from Haverfordwest cleared the lines before a second shot was pulled wide.

It was a much better second half for Haverfordwest both in attack and defence and Taylor-Crossdale’s goal ensures that Haverfordwest have a chance in the second leg at the Cardiff City Stadium next Thursday, August 3.