Dear Editor

Daniel Blackburn of Tegryn, [1/8], castigates me for praising Pembroke CCGT gas-fired power station. I praised it because it generates 2200MW of consistent, reliable electricity, which is more than the total Welsh average usage of 1598MW.

He is being disingenuous in saying that "Pembroke CCGT makes the South Wales grid region the most polluting in the whole of the UK in relation to carbon emissions". It is complete tosh because at least 602 MW of its output is obviously powering England....not Wales!!

Furthermore, if Pembroke's other 1598MW of electricity can be said to be powering means that every single wind turbine, of the thousands across Wales, plus all Welsh solar panels... must also be powering England!!! Is that not a simple logical truth ?

As for wind turbines in Wales "creating local jobs"........they are made in Denmark, Germany and Spain and installed by Scottish , Irish and London companies....who are all cashing in on a naive, non-technical, non-businesslike Welsh Government ......and severely damaging Welsh landscapes ,Welsh tourism and Welsh house values......all to power England !! How is that a good deal for Wales?

Finally, the yo-yo 2022 wind energy graph on proves that wind energy cannot even power anything without complete 24/7 back-up from gas-fired power stations like Pembroke.

The UK will be in deep, deep trouble the next time we have a long hard winter.

Only coal in the cellar saved millions from hypothermia in 1963!!

Wind turbines and solar panels will be completely useless in such a winter!

If anyone thinks such UK winters are gone forever........dream on!!

Ask the older Welsh inhabitants of Tegryn, Mr Blackburn !

Yours faithfully

Lyn Jenkins, Gwbert, Cardigan.