TWO lifeboats and a Coastguard helicopter were called following a mayday call from a yacht which ran aground at Small’s Lighthouse.

St Davids and Angle RNLI responded to a distress call received at 4.57am on Tuesday, August 8.

The lifeboats launched and began the search for the stranded vessel despite limited visibility due to fog, and were assisted by the Coastguard Rescue helicopter.

“As the charity lifeboats proceeded to the casualty vessel it had become clear that the yacht had got off the rocks and was managing to make way through the water,” an RNLI spokesperson said.

“However the damage to the hull was substantial enough that the yachts bilge system couldn’t cope with the water ingress.”

The lifeboat crew from St Davids arrived on the scene first, with the 41-foot yacht now around five miles south/south-east of the lighthouse.

“All six people on board were fit and well, using the bilge pump and buckets to stem the flow of water onboard,” said the spokesperson.

The crew from Angle’s all-weather lifeboat arrived on scene shortly after.

“As the yacht required repairs at Milford Haven, it was decided that Angle lifeboat would put crew aboard with a salvage pump,” the RNLI spokesperson said.

“With the situation under control, Angle accompanied the yacht back to Milford Haven and St Davids lifeboat returned to station, rehousing at 7.17am.”