THE COUNTY of Pembrokeshire is alive with the sound of music after a series of brand new Welsh-language songs composed local school children have been released.

The musical project, organised by Pembrokeshire County Council and Menter Iaith Sir Benfro, features renowned songwriter Mei Gwynedd and pupils from 46 schools across the region.

The county’s schools embarked on the project as part of their commitment to the Welsh Language Charter, and to celebrate their area and the county’s rich cultural heritage.

The heart and soul of this series of seven captivating songs lie in the inspiring lyrics, crafted by each school's Criw Cymraeg and complemented by music videos by filmmaker Nico Dafydd.

Western Telegraph: Mei Gwynedd with pupils from Ysgol Eglwyswrw.Mei Gwynedd with pupils from Ysgol Eglwyswrw. (Image: Pembrokeshire council)

Criw Cymraeg from Mary Immaculate School said: “Writing, rehearsing and performing for the video was an unforgettable experience, it was such a unique opportunity to create and write a song with a well-known artist.”

Mei Gwynedd said: “They were all so proud of their area and I learned a lot about this lovely corner of Wales.

“Some were fluent in Welsh, and others with a few words, but it's great to be able to see music uniting children from different backgrounds.”

Western Telegraph: Mei Gwynedd with pupils at Narberth CP School/Ysgol Gynradd Arberth.Mei Gwynedd with pupils at Narberth CP School/Ysgol Gynradd Arberth. (Image: Pembrokeshire council)

Pembrokeshire council’s cabinet member for education and the Welsh language, Cllr Guy Woodham, said: “This remarkable project has given these talented pupils a chance to use their Welsh skills in a different context and what they have created is truly extraordinary.

“Celebrating the individual areas and the County as a whole through song is a valued tradition and it is fantastic to see – and hear – that it continues to thrive with the younger generation.”

Each school proudly unveiled their songs to their peers before the summer holidays and they can be watched by everyone on YouTube.