With avian flu restrictions meaning it was not possible to have a full poultry show this year, the show’s Brithdir Hall put on a plethora of pigeons instead.

This was the second year running that the avian flu restrictions have meant no ducks, geese or chickens at the show.

Western Telegraph: Norman Hook with best flyer and best reserve in the pigeon show.

This year the Brithdir Hall was instead filled with pigeons and their breeders who had come from far and wide to exhibit their birds.

There was also a competition for the best eggs and, new this year, an arts and crafts competition and a poultry photo competition.

This was won by show stalwart Alan Davies from Solva with a photo of a mother goose nesting in an old tin bath and her three goslings.

Western Telegraph: Alan Davies from Silva won the poultry arts and crafts photo competition.

Alan’s father had cut the bottom of the bath off around 65 years ago to use it as a nest for poultry. Eventually his land was sold off, but Alan knew that the bath was still in the brambles of the river bank.

He retrieved it 40 years later and his geese love it.

Poultry Show secretary Alan Brain said that the entries were about the same number as last year and that the pigeon show had been well received by the public.

“The most common response is people saying that they never knew there were so many types,” he said.

The poultry photo competition, which was new this year, attracted around 40 entries.

“We have had a nice display,” he said. “We hope that next year there will be poultry here too.”