When it comes to breeding, rearing and exhibiting champion pigs, there’s no-one quite like breeder Teifi Evans to impress the judges.

And once again Teifi, of Troedyraur, Brongest, won Supreme Champion at the Pembrokeshire County Show with his in-sow Welsh ‘Goldfoot Lucky Girl’.

“She seemed to do everything she needed to impress the judge this morning so once again, it’s another great success from the Pembrokeshire County Show,” Teifi told the Western Telegraph.

Goldfoot, who is due to farrow next week, received her award from international judge Rachel Daies.

“She really is a supreme animal who has a great deal of power behind her and, for her size, shows exceptionally well on her frame,” she said.

Meanwhile Teifi stressed the importance of supporting agricultural shows, such as the Pembrokeshire County.

“Yes, it’s a great commitment for farmers to come and exhibit at shows like this, as it means having to get up extra early to do the milking, prepare the animals for the ring, travel to the show and then get back for more milking and everything else that needs to be done on the farm.

“But if we don’t continue to support these shows, then they will no longer be able to continue.

“It’s vital that they continue to get all the support we can give them.”