There was plenty to keep the youngsters entertained at this year's Pembrokeshire County Show.

Western Telegraph: Panic Circus provides entertainment to an enraptured audience.

Back by popular demand was Panic Circus who put on highly entertaining clown and Punch and Judy shows as well as helping youngsters perfect their circus skills and sending them running after barrages of bubbles.

Western Telegraph: Kids and dog go crazy for Panic Circus' mega bubbles.

Also back for a second year was the Pembrokeshire Food Story, an experience for young people and their adults to learn more about where their food comes from and what can be grown in Pembrokeshire.

This year's food story had a real hands-on element to it, with youngsters being able to make their own ice cream and pizzas all with locally produced ingredients.

Western Telegraph: Making ice cream at Pembrokeshire Food Story.

The local producers acted as storytellers, sharing their knowledge with children and parents.

Western Telegraph: Making pizza with local produce at the Pembrokeshire Food Story

There was also a chance to learn about farm equipment, grind grain into flour, learn about food miles and growing your own, sample locally made milkshakes and watch incubating eggs hatch into chicks.

"We have tried to cover as much as we can of the food that is grow in Pembrokeshire," said food story organiser Kathy Wilson.

Western Telegraph: Irene Triffit from Gardd Darna shares her growing knowledge at Pembrokeshire Food Story.

"We have extended into looking at food miles this year and the importance of buying locally and growing our own. We are educating everybody.

"There has been a good response. Everybody has walked out out learning something, children and adults, and people have said that it is a wonderful area.

Western Telegraph: Learning how flour is made at Pembrokeshire Food Story.

The Pembrokeshire Food Story was the recipient of an £8,000 grant from Women in Wales last month.

Some of that money was used at the show to improve display boards and work towards making them bilingual, to buy farm equipment toys and to recompense the producers for their time.

The funds will also be used to run an event in the spring 'possibly related to Pancake Day' said Kathy.