A LIFEBOAT crew were called out to three back-to-back incidents amid high winds and stormy conditions last night.

Angle RNLI were called to a mayday call at around 6.30pm on Friday evening, after a yacht was drifting ashore beneath Dale Fort with one person on board.

The lifeboat was launched, and was joined by a Port Authority pilot vessel and a Svitzer tug – which had both diverted from sailing an oil tanker to attend the call.

Upon arrival, the lifeboat crew found the yacht was against the shore and partially submerged. A lie was attached to the yacht, but it was found to be “unsalvageable”.

The lifeboat’s Y Boat was deployed and the yacht’s occupant was recovered.

Western Telegraph: Angle RNLI's Y Boat approaches the stranded yacht. Angle RNLI's Y Boat approaches the stranded yacht. (Image: Angle RNLI)

As the person was being brought on board, the lifeboat crew received a second call-out, after a yacht had reported running aground off Dale Beach after coming away from the pontoon.

The lifeboat attended, with Dale Coastguard Rescue also on the scene.

The crew used the Y Boat to attach a tow to the yacht, and the lifeboat then began towing it – and its occupant – towards Hobbs Point.

But as the crew were rounding Weir Spit, the lifeboat crew received another mayday call, as a yacht had lost both sails and steering around 30 miles south west of St Ann’s Head.

The lifeboat crew changed course in to the moorings at Hazelbeach, and the occupant from the first yacht was transferred on to the second yacht. The crew of the Y Boat were charged with securing the yacht and transferring the occupants ashore.

While they were doing that, the all-weather lifeboat began its near two-hour journey to the third stranded yacht.

A spokesperson for Angle RNLI said the crew faced winds of 56 knots (64mph) and six meter waves in Storm Betty.

A Coastguard Rescue Helicopter from Newquay and Appledore All-Weather Lifeboat also attended.

Angle RNLI arrived on the scene almost two hours after the call-out, and began to tow the yacht back to Milford Haven. The Appledore lifeboat was stood down, but the helicopter shadowed the boats for a period before standing down.

“Following a near six-hour tow in horrendous conditions, where the crew had to reset the tow on three occasions the lifeboat and casualty vessel finally arrived at the safety of Hobbs Point and the yacht and it’s relieved crew were secured alongside by 4.30am this morning,” an Angle RNLI spokesperson said.

“With no further assistance required the lifeboat and her crew were stood down to return to station where she was readied for further service just after 5am this morning and the crew could head home for a well-deserved rest.”