LIFEBOAT crews from Angle RNLI were called out to three stranded boats within 24 hours.

Angle RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat was launched following a call at around 9.20pm after a boat had become “disoriented” and had “fouled their propeller” near the Port of Pembroke.

The lifeboat was soon on the scene – where the 10-metre boat had dropped anchor to prevent drifting any further – and the crew towed the stricken boat back to Neyland Marina.

With no further action needed, the lifeboat crew were stood down, and returned to the station by 10.30pm.

The team at Angle were called out again at 12.09pm the following day following a call to the coastguard that a 16-foot Dory had an engine failure between Chapel Bay and the lifeboat station.

The lifeboat arrived on the scene, where a Port Authority patrol boat was offering initial assistance, and the two people on the boat – and their dog – were brought about.

The boat was towed up the Haven towards Rudders Boatyard, where workboats came out to meet them and take the boat back to the pontoon.

As the lifeboat crew headed back to the station, they were re-directed to a boat in difficulty drifting towards Stack Fort.

Upon arrival, the crew found the boat had run aground on the rocks

Angle RNLI’s Y boat was deployed, and the crew spoke with the three occupants of the stranded boat. They told the lifeboat crew they had lost their anchor and all engine power, with the wind and tide bringing them ashore.

The occupants were brought ashore to the Port Authority Jetty, and plans were made to recover the boat on the next high tide.