After a successful visit to St Davids Cathedral the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate Windsor have moved to the coast to Câr-Y-Môr Seaweed Farm.

Câr-Y-Môr, translated as for the love of the sea is the first ‘regenerative ocean farm’ in Wales. It set up in 2022 and is a community benefit company, improve the coastal environment through regenerative ocean farming.

Two trial restoration ocean farms, the first of their kind in Wales, were set up in Ramsey Sound in August 2021 following years of preparation and local people volunteering their time and expertise.

In 2022 Câr-Y-Môr raised £50,000 through a community share offer. This and other funding has allowed a three-hectare ocean farm to be established, growing various species of seaweed, mussels, native oysters, and scallops.

The business supports the local community through job creation, supply of fresh local seafood and environmental restoration.

This is not the first Royal visitor to Câr-Y-Môr , Princess Eugenie visited the seaweed farm in June last year.

A key partner of Câr-Y-Môr is Notpla, the sustainable packaging start-up and winner of the 2022 for Build a Waste-Free World Earthshot Prize.

Notpla is a key investor in Câr-Y-Môr. It produces plastic-free consumer packaging made from seaweed and plants.

Among its innovations, Notpla replaces plastic-lined takeaway boxes and other disposable plastic items such as cutlery.

The London-based start-up won the 2022 Earthshot Prize in the Build a Waste-Free World category and received a visit from the Prince of Wales in May 2023.