A fashion designer from Crymych in in with a chance of winning a £100k prize in the final of cult Channel 4 programme, Alone which airs this evening.

Naomi Allsworth has made it to the final four contestants from an original group of 11.

Naomi, who grew up in north Pembrokeshire, was dumped in the middle of the Canadian wilderness near the Mackenzie River, in the Dehcho region of Northwest Territories, Canada.

Each contestant was allowed to take 10 essential survival items, which they could choose from a from a list of 53.

They were equipped with a GPS device and five cameras to film themselves.

When they were dropped they also had a small amount of basic provisions to assist their welfare for seven days but these were not replenished.

Naomi, a 26-year-old fashion designer who now lives in London, says that her love of the outdoors began when she was growing up in Pembrokeshire.

This was further developed during her research into creating clothing suitable for extreme environments.

As part of her research into what makes a successful outdoor clothing brand, she enjoyed trekking in extreme weather conditions and taking on challenging expeditions.

Naomi has a three-year-old son who celebrated his fourth birthday while she was filming in Canada.

She became a mother in her early twenties and says it has made her determined to live a life filled with adventure and opportunities.

“I'm terrified of being on my own,” she said before departing for Canada.

“But for me, having that feeling is exactly why I need to be doing it. If I was comfortable being on my own, I wouldn't be here. The fear is what's pushing me to do it.”

Since filming Naomi has started her own business taking women and children out into nature, she has also started working with fellow contestant Tom Williams at his adventure company, taking groups to places like Panama and delivering survival training.

In the future she is hoping to return to her Pembrokeshire roots.

"I'd love to run my own little summer camp in Wales where I can bring children in over summer and really teach them as much bush craft and art, all these things I love," she said in an interview with BBC Wales.

Until then she plans to organise some treks in Wales and to teach bushcraft to young people in schools.

"I want to do more back in the place I grew up in and that shaped who I am today,” she said.

New Alone: The Final airs at 9pm on Channel 4 tonight, Sunday, September 10.