Two concerts within a September week began Pembroke and District Male Voice Choir's autumn season.

On a warm evening, the 13th Century St Gwynog’s Church at St Twynnells was the first venue. The concert, for church funds, was well supported, with first bass Edward Morris deputising as MC in his own church. He made an instant success of the role, including excellent jokes, and is now officially deputy MC.

The following week, the choir made its second annual visit to St Johns' Church, Tenby. Matthew John returned from holiday as MC and included a poem in his interval asides – a first for the choir.

International flavour

There was an international flavour to the large audience with visitors from the USA, Germany and The Netherlands.

Musical director Juliet Rossiter was supported by accompanist Carole Rees and soloists at both concerts were Alyson Griffiths, on flute, and Peter Halifax, on guitar.

Alyson’s choices varied from Mozart’s Oh for the wings of a Dove’ to Art Garfunkel’s Bright Eyes, while Peter sang a Ukrainian piece and others of his own composition – one for the first time in public.

There was a very special welcome for first tenor David Asparassa who was determined to join the ranks despite recent ill health. The finale item, Elvis Presley’s American Trilogy, was dedicated to David with all his friends’ best wishes.

Choir president Clive Collins and his wife Enid attended both concerts. Excellent refreshments were provided by the ladies of both churches. They were thanked by choir vice chairman Meurig Rees.